Call For Papers

Between 14 and 18 June 2021, the city of Trieste and the Trieste Joyce School – Università degli studi di Trieste will play host to the 27th International James Joyce Symposium. Trieste, the city that Joyce dubbed ‘la mia seconda patria’, was his home for over a decade.

Given the events of the last twelve months, we have chosen to retain our theme of ‘Omniscientific Joyce’ for the 2021 off-year symposium. The arts and the humanities have always been a vital part of scientific inquiry, an inclusiveness that is still found in terms like the German ‘Wissenschaft’. In keeping with recent symposia, we also welcome contributions that respond to the conference theme from a creative standpoint, in various forms and different mediums. The 2021 symposium will be a blended conference.

Suggested topics for papers include (but are not limited to) Joyce and:

  • Knowledge or the pursuit of knowledge; book-learning and expertise; experiment
  • The Two Cultures; science and the humanities; the science of the humanities
  • Difficulty and the hard sciences
  • Attacks on science and anti-intellectualism
  • Medieval science; the trivium and the quadrivium
  • The New Science
  • Nineteenth- and twentieth-century advances in the sciences (evolution, relativity etc.)
  • The 1918 flu pandemic
  • Climate science; epidemiology; social sciences; the micro and macro
  • Linguistics, the science of language and the language of science
  • Ethnography and primitivism
  • Pseudoscience
  • Digital humanities
  • Posthumanism and the New Materialisms
  • Omniscient narration
  • Omnishambles – things going wrong
  • Joyce’s know-alls (Bloom, Shaun the post, Joyceans).

The symposium invites proposals for individual papers and fully-formed panels that address the conference theme or any aspect of Joyce studies. Participants are limited to one paper and one non-paper panel appearance (e.g. as panel chair or respondent). All participants must be members in good standing of the International James Joyce Foundation; non-members or members whose registration has lapsed will not be scheduled.

Due to ongoing social-distancing requirements, which we anticipate will still be in force come June 2021, we propose a hybrid or blended conference with a reduced presence in Trieste and most participants joining over digital platforms. Preference for in-person attendance will be given to PhD students and early career scholars.

To propose an individual paper, please submit a 250-word abstract that includes the speaker’s name and academic affiliation (if applicable) alongside the paper title. To propose a panel, the panel chair should submit a 500-word abstract for the panel as a whole that includes the names, academic affiliations, and email addresses of all participants; the title of the panel as well as the titles of each individual paper; and the name and affiliation of the panel chair and respondent (if any). Please note that panels should have a maximum of four speakers. The panel chair may also give a paper – but please note that in this case it is customary for the panel chair to be scheduled last. If you wish to present the paper you proposed for the 2020 symposium, please resubmit your abstract. We will honour all previous acceptances. Please let us know if you prefer to attend remotely or in person and mention any date restrictions. We anticipate a publication from the conference.

The keynotes are Eric Bulson, Catherine Flynn, and Cóilín Parsons. The invited writer is Colm Tóibín.

The deadline for paper or panel proposals was 2 February 10 February 2021. For more information, contact us on

The schedule for Omniscientific Joyce is available as a PDF. (Last updated: 12 June 2021)