other events

On the Monday of the symposium, we held a commemorative event “Remembering Claire Culleton” with contributions from Maria McGarrity (chair), Igor Jurilj, Vivian Valvano Lynch, Patrick McCarthy, Ellen Scheible, and others.

“Remembering Claire Culleton”

The Wednesday plenary roundtable, “The Science(s) of Birthing: Language/Gestation in ‘Oxen of the Sun’”, was convened by Jolanta Wawrzycka (Radford University) and Erika Mihálycsa (Babeș-Bolyai University) and featured contributions from Armağan Ekici,
Erika Mihálycsa, Fritz Senn, and Jolanta Wawrzycka.

Roundtable on “The Science(s) of Birthing”